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Barbara Follows

Barbara Follows, M.Ed

"My philosophy is that every child is unique and, whatever their differences, every single child matters."


boy thinking"Thank you for your help in getting R's EHCP. You certainly made the procedure less stressful and your knowledge and expertise was and is invaluable. I would have gone completely bonkers had it not been for you."

"Barbara, I take great comfort in knowing that you are helping. Thank you for your insight."

"I always come away from our chats very positive – anything is possible!"

"You were the person that helped me through things, and I could really talk to you."
David (aged 11)

"Here's an update on K – he passed his exams with flying colours. Thanks Barbara for everything. You've given me such hope."

"I would like to thank you for all your help. I can remember meeting you that first day in February. We were at rock bottom and didn't know which way to turn, especially where education was concerned. J has progressed so far in the time that he has known you. We are all truly grateful for all of your hard work."

"You cannot imagine how much I appreciate your work with E. His emotional/personal growth this year has been tremendous and you have made a difference in his life (and our family). Thanks."
Surrey mother

"Barbara's level of professionalism is excellent, and her training inspired her colleagues in many issues pertaining to the improvement of learners' or teachers' wellbeing."
Education Department, Oshikoto region, Namibia

kids watching TV"Barbara is an asset with her focus, clear thinking, crisis management and, most importantly, friendly demeanor and humour."
Deputy Head of a Surrey Junior School