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Barbara Follows

Barbara Follows, M.Ed

"My philosophy is that every child is unique and, whatever their differences, every single child matters."

Professional support for children, families and schools

Boys alone
  • Free initial consultation.
  • Confidential support and advice via personal one-to-one meetings in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire in the UK, and Paphos in Cyprus, and by telephone, e-mail and Skype.
  • Working with the child, family, school and education and health services as required, providing ongoing reports with recommendations.
  • Professional contact, as needed, with colleagues from the fields of education, psychology and health.
  • As I work with individuals and their needs I do not prescribe general solutions to problems and therefore you will not see, on this site, generic answers to common questions, such as: "How do I obtain a Statement of Special Educational Needs?" or "How do I help the teachers to understand my child's needs?"
  • I will get to know you and your individual circumstances, then together we can plan a personalised service that supports both you and your child to unlock their full potential.