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Barbara Follows

Barbara Follows, M.Ed

"My philosophy is that every child is unique and, whatever their differences, every single child matters."


  • ADHD Awareness Week

    A great opportunity to raise awareness of ADHD goes to waste as national and regional organisations struggle to stay afloat (SEBDA [the Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association] News, issue 23, winter/spring 2011).

  • Success of ADHD charity certificate winners

    Surrey ADHD charity the Studio celebrates its first 10 years with an awards night attended by young people with ADHD, their parents and local dignitaries (SEBDA News, issue 26, winter/spring 2012).

  • School building and attainment

    I take issue with a prominent professor of education over the importance of school buildings in improving standards of attainment (SEBDA News, issue 27, summer 2012).

  • Funding school buildings

    "It is apparent how a sympathetic physical environment can reduce alienation and encourage social inclusion, especially with regard to difficult behaviour. Once this viewpoint has been reached then there are funding implications..." (Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Vol 8 No 4, November 2003).

  • Letter from Namibia 1

    I arrive in Oshikoto region in September 2008 to start my year's work as a Regional Inclusive Education Adviser under the Voluntary Service Overseas scheme; and I attend a refreshing VSO training session (SEBDA News, issue 17, spring 2009).

  • Letter from Namibia 2

    My initiation comes in the form of a 16-year-old boy who is facing another year of being held back at school with the 10- and 11-year-olds. This, apparently, "often happens" and reveals the need for a greater application of inclusive education practices (SEBDA News, issue 17, spring 2009).

  • Letter from Namibia 3

    I plan a series of workshops for teachers and principals, most of whom are working under difficult conditions, often many miles from their homes; and the problems of buying stationery when you're not told the price (SEBDA News, issue 18, spring 2009).

  • Letter from Namibia 4

    My attempts to change the attitudes of teachers towards inclusive education; and how my choice of blouse gains approval in an election year (SEBDA News, issue 19, summer/autumn 2009).

Namibian pupil
  • Letter from Namibia 5

    How a rigid adherence to the syllabus and not attending to individual needs is revealed in children's widespread fear of exams; and a planned night in with Dr Who goes awry (SEBDA News, issue 20, winter 2009-10).

  • Letter from Namibia 6

    I look back on a year of VSO involvement; and a Peace Corps volunteer describes his hitch-hiking adventures (SEBDA News, issue 20, winter 2009-10).

  • Last letter from Namibia

    In my final month as Inclusive Education Adviser for Oshikoto Region I try to introduce the idea of meetings where problems are discussed, difficulties aired and solutions reached (SEBDA News, issue 21, spring/summer 2010).

  • Dissertation summary

    "An evaluation of the effect of the classroom environment on pupil behaviour" - submitted for the degree of M.Ed (Special Education: Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties) at the University of Birmingham School of Education in April 2000: synopsis and contents listing.